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September 2019 – Today

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Toki’s kanji cards is an app where you can learn kanjis with visual representation of their meanings and play simple games to check your understanding.

Some time ago I started creating  kanji cards to make Japanese kanji more visual and help myself, and other people in the same situation, remember their meanings.

Now I decided to develop an application on Unity to make these kanji cards available for everyone, and also learn new skills.

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Study japanese kanjis

In the app you can study kanjis using visual representations of their meanings

Toki's kanji cards - Learn


Learn by playing

To check your understanding of the kanjis you can play simple games and gain experience

Toki's kanji cards - Play

Different games

There are different games focused eiter on the meaning of the kanji, its reading or its pronounciation

Toki's kanji cards - Games


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