Special thanks

Special thanks


A big thank you Gaëlle Lapart for giving me confidence in my designs and teaching me everything I needed to become a better graphic designer, you’re the best teacher I ever had.


Thank you Ralph Nicolas for your generosity, patience and everything you teached me, you’re a very talented programmer and I’m very happy to work with you everyday.


Thank you Anton Monjon, for being my tutor for more than a year and giving me advice that allowed me to improve and gain more self-confidence.

Million Victories

Thank you so very much Million Victories for welcoming me in your team and making this dream come true. Thanks to you I get up every morning with a smile.


Thank you Yasmine Chaouai for always giving me your best advice both in design and in life, I have improved a lot thanks to you.

Hortense GAMBINO

Thank you Hortense Gambino for your patience and hard-work while beta reading every text in my website, it helped me a lot.

My kiwis

Thank you my kiwis for always being there for me. You are very important friends to me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without your support.

My parents

Thank you my parents for giving me the opportunity to study abroad and achieve my goals.

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