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No humans

Game dev party game jam #14

November 2018

No humans - Splash screen

Game Jam 14 theme




Game Jam #14 organized by the association Game Dev party in Lyon. We had 48h to create a game.



The theme was Death, or “La petite mort” the universe of Davy Mourier.



In No Humans, Death is tired of his job. It decides to destroy the root problem by simply eradicating humanity. A sadistic scorer.

The game

In No human, you play as Death, who see every day humans kill themselves by polluting the planet. It has enough of its work and had decided to end it once and for all by killing all humans before they kill the planet. To achieve this, you need to destroy buildings, create explosions, ignite different parts of the city to kill as many humans as you can before time runs out with one goal: to save the planet from pollution. The more you kill, the more points you get!

Our biggest inspiration was the arcade game system, we wanted a game, in which you have a specific amount of time to do the best score you can and with time, the player discovers combos, tries to get better, and does the biggest scores in the given time.

No humans - Gameplay

Screenshots of the game

No humans - Screenshot

No humans - Screenshot

No humans - Screenshot

No humans - Flash Info screenshot

My role in the team

After brainstorming on our game design and artistic direction, I worked on an interactive user flow to make sure that everything is clear to everyone.

Afterwise, I worked on the UI design: I did mock ups and shared my designs with the team. One of the artists of the team created the UI assets in the same graphic style as the rest of the game. Then, I worked as an intermediate between the programmer and the art team, and integrated the graphic assets of the game on Unity as they were created.

On the original design, I wanted the score to be displayed visually in the form of a bar that shows the number of humans left to kill on this level but we didn’t have enough time integrate it in the game in the end.

No humans - WIP

After the assets were fully integrated, we needed feedback to show the players that the building they chose to destroy is burning. I decided to use particles Fx to create different fire and smoke effects depending on the destroyed building.

I created the material on illustrator then integrated it in game and used it as a particle material to make it look like smoke and fire.

No humans - FX

No humans - FX

No humans - FX

What I learned

This project was my first game jam. It was really exciting and it helped me understand how much we can learn in events like this in addition to the interesting people we can meet.

I also learnt how to use particles in Unity to give feedback to the players. I learnt to integrate assets in Unity and explain to the artists how to optimize the assets, such as using white assets to use it multiple times with different colors in the game.

In game jams it is very important to communicate well with the team and to optimize the time you have to get what you want, which is how my teamwork skills improved.

Software used

Illustrator Logo


Photoshop Logo


Unity Logo

Unity 3D


No humans - Team


– Environnement design
– Chara-design
– UI art

– Chara-design
– Pixel art assets

– Programmation


– UI design
– FX / Animations
– Unity assets and UI integration

– Game design
– System design
– Unity sound integration


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Game Dev Party’s article about No Human

No humans - Score


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