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Decembre 2017


Presentation of Air Drone Solution

Air Drone Solution is a company specialized in the acquisition of aerial views (photography and video) and data processing, using professional drones. It operates with unmanned drones in strict compliance with regulations by ensuring the safety of property and people.



Air Drone Solution started working with golf clubs and took 3D visuals of many golf courses in France. They came to us wanting to create a premium application for golfers that includes a functional interface and a visual identity that showcases their reliable and detailed 3D courses maps.

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We chose to create an application to achieve excellence and be part of the elite golfers. Our goal is to make the golfer progress, feel powerful and privileged by using our app, and thanks to the precise 3D maps they can have more accuracy and precision.

We chose the name “Hyperion” because Hyperion is the Greek Titan God of Vision and Observation, literally “the one who goes above”. We wanted to convey an idea of “above”, omniscience vision, and it’s also a symbol of power.

Hyperion - app


Hyperion is a gamified app that challenges the golfers and makes them give their best. To do so we created a leaderboard of each course so that the golfers can compare themselves to their friends or to other golfers.

It also gives them all the information they need when they need it: when they’re choosing their course, they can access weather information, when they’re playing, they can see the speed of the wind to better calculate their shots, and much more!

The golf clubs can create tournaments in the application and everyone who has it can participate and try to get a prize. In addition, users can create their own private tournaments with their friends.

When they start their course, they can have a 2D or 3D view, take notes, and a coach gives them advice when they play.

At the end of their course they can see their score, save it and share it on social media with their friends.

Hyperion_User Flow

We worked on an intuitive flow to make it easy for all golfers to understand the interface and find the information they need when they need it without efforts.



To make sure we’re always here for our golfers, we thought of a notification system. When the golfer arrives at a golf club, the application sends a notification reminding them of their last score in the course, when someone beats their record in a course, the application sends a notification to challenge them, when there are offers in their favorite clubs they receive a notification about it.


Lucile COCHE

  • Branding
  • Animation


  • User flow
  • UI design

Meven ROYO

  • Branding
  • UI design

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