Colors of the past screenshot

Colors of the past

Global Game Jam 2019

January 2019

Colors of the past screenshot

Global game jam theme


Global Game Jam 2019 hosted by Old Skull Games. We had 48h to create a game.



This year’s theme was “What home means to you”.

The game

Colors of the past is a narrative game. After a dreadful event, you come back to your home town and explore the different areas of your childhood. Gather memories and start to remember who you are.

Colors of the past screenshot

Screenshots of the game

Colors of the past screenshot

Colors of the past - studio

Colors of the past - star

Colors of the past - star game

Colors of the past screenshot

Colors of the past screenshot

Colors of the past - home

My role in the team

In this jam, I wanted to learn C# basics. I was always curious about my colleagues’ jobs and wanted to understand their constraints to better export my designs and talk to them in their language.

When we formed our team, I told them “I don’t know how to code but I want to learn in this jam” and the best way to learn a language is to be immersed in it. While we usually hear this when it comes to communication languages, I believe that it works with coding languages too, which is why I coded for this project two mini-games that we designed for the game: the puzzle game and the music game.

Colors of the past - Music game

Music game

The music game is a game in which the players need to tap on the right keys when the notes arrive on them. To make it, I had to synchronise the notes with the melody to make it feel like the player’s actually playing the notes, and since people all over the world can play our game, I chose the E R T Y keys. I didn’t want them to have issues with the QWERTY/AZERTY keyboards.

Here’s the script I used on each button to simulate the pressure is the following: if the right key is pressed down, the sprite is changed to the activated version of it and a particle system is activated. When the key is up, it goes back to the original sprite.

I created two versions of each button to show the player when it’s pressed.

And here is another example of script I used, to make it look like the notes are falling. When a key is pressed the game starts and the position of the notes panel moves taking into account the beat tempo.

Colors of the past - puzzle

Puzzle game

A puzzle in which the players have to drag and drop pieces to put them in the right place to win the game.

Colors of the past - puzzle move

Each slot and each piece has an id, a width and a height, and each time the player drags and drops a piece, the script checks if the height and width of the piece and the slot are the same, if true, it puts the piece as a child of the slot.

Colors of the past - puzzle end

The endgame script checks if the ids of each parent slot and child piece are the same, and when it’s done, the game is won and the players can continue their adventure.

Particles Fx

To give life to the environment, I worked on different types of particles depending on the house the player is going to find, fireflies for the photography house, stars for the stargazing house and leaves for the greenhouse.

Colors of the past - particles

Colors of the past - particles

Colors of the past - particles

What I learned

Colors of the past - character

During this game jam, I learnt C# logic, how to create functions, how to use git for version control, worked in team on the same unity project, how to create a puzzle game and a music game… It made me realize that I really like programming and that I’d like to do more of it at work.

Software used

Unity Logo

Unity 3D

GitHub Logo


Illustrator Logo



Picture of the jam team

Sebastien DAMIENS
– Programming
– Particles Fx

– Programming
– Particles Fx

– Narrative design
– Game design

– Concept art
– Environment 2D art
– Character design & animations

Eléonore GILLES
– Environment 2D art
– Narrative design


– Music theme composition

Links :

Colors of the past global game jam page

Gameplay video

Colors of the past - The end


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